Top 5 Minecraft 1.16 20w16a Nether update seed collection

Some of the best starter and showcase seeds for 1.16

Top 5 Minecraft 1.16 20w16a Nether update seed collection

The 1.16 update coming our way comes with many new features and biome changes, most notably the nether update! Here are some seeds which are either super useful for new worlds or perfect for showcasing the new content that got added!

Credit to Avomance

Could this Minecraft Seed be the BEST Seed for the Minecraft 1.16 Update? Mansion, Excellent Building Sites, Monument and GREAT Nether Biomes. Check out the video for a showcase! There are Monuments, Pillager Towers, Mesa, Ravines, Villages, the Stronghold and a Mansion NEARBY - and the Biome mix is excellent Whats more there are a number of REALLY perfect areas to create your base, with everything you could possibly need surrounding you!

Credit to Avomance

This Best Minecraft Seeds Video has one of the Top Minecraft Seeds with SO MANY spawners, with other great features for Survival Minecraft 1.16 In todays Best Minecraft Seeds Video, with Avomance, I am going to show you a seed that will blow your mind totally! SO MANY spawners PLUS superb biome mix and everything you could possibly need very close by, including a Mansion, Pillager Towers, Monuments, Villages and the stronghold! This one is REALLY worth a look!

Credit to McSeeds

Minecraft Java 1.16 Seed: Two ruined portals stand between three villages at spawn. Taiga village with ruined portal: 150, -200 Taiga village with second ruined portal: 200, 200 Plains village: -200, -200

Credit to HoldMyJuice
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(JAVA)20w16a newest snapshot awesome seed with 2 broken portals and savanna village right at the spawn and amazing loot!

Credit to MinecraftSeedsEveryday

Minecraft Java 1.16 Seed: Fossil inside zombie dungeon and totally buried ruined portal (very rare). Acacia village with bee nest at spawn Acacia village #2: 50, 250 Desert temple: -350, 50 Pillager post: -450, -150 Totaly buried ruined portal: -550, -150 Zombie dungeon with a fossil inside: -600, 45, -150

We're extremely excited to for the new content to be added into the game, the collection here is just 5 out of the hundreds of seeds we host on our main portal.