75 Things you didn't know about Minecraft.

Here it is! 75 interesting facts you didn't know about the game minecraft!

1. Notch, the creator of Minecraft, is the only Player in the game that has a custom drop when he dies and that dropped item is an apple.

2. Mobs aren’t the only things which have health in minecraft, did you know that entities can also have health. For example all Boats actually have a total of 3 hearts.

3. Iron Golems are so powerful they can actually lift up Giant Zombies when agro'd.

4. There are currently 48,500 actively monitored minecraft spigot servers online, 36% of which are are running version 1.12 and surprisingly 26% are still using version 1.8.

5. Monoliths Back in the alpha version of minecraft there was a strange chunk generation error known as “Monoliths”, these Monolith errors which closely resembled chunk errors were a result of a bug in the alpha generation, the error resulted in some pretty interesting map glitches.

6. Back in indev days, Notch the creator of minecraft originally planned to add in furniture and even went as far as to adding in two textures which closely resemble chairs. Nothing ever came of this however despite multiple mentions of the planned future project in his blog. I guess he was too busy with the PigMan.

7. When making the perfect wheat farm, you need to make sure all of your farmland is within 4 blocks of a water source as 1 water block can saturate farmland up to 4 blocks away.

8. Minecraft was first released to the public on the 17th of May 2009 this release later became known as the classic version.

9. If you ride a boat and fall from a high place, you won't take fall damage. No matter how far the fall was.

10. The collective noun for a group of enderman is known as the “Haunting of enderman”.

11. Pink sheep are one of the few rare mobs which naturally spawn, they actually have a 0.5% chance of spawning as a replacement for a normal sheep.

12. The best y Level to find diamonds is actually between 5 and 12.

13. All cows in Minecraft are actually female since they can all provide milk.. It makes you wonder how they still manage to breed. But we won't take minecraft realism too seriously.

14. A fully charged bow does more damage than a diamond sword, making it always useful to land a shot before going in for a kill.

15. Minecraft has a lot of items which double as furnace fuel you wouldn't expect, for example jukeboxes can be used to fuel a furnace. However Its not advised you do though because you would lose a diamond per smelt.

16. mobs cannot spawn within Mooshroom biomes, even in caves under the biome. making it the ideal place to set up base. However, they are also hard to come by and dungeons are still functional.

17. When shooting a arrow through lava, the arrow will actually catch fire and will set players/mobs alite.

18. When throwing a egg in minecraft, you have a 1 in 256 chance of spawning 4 chickens instead of one!

19. There are over 63 Minecraft Biomes but did you know that you can visit a secret one on the computer? Just head to the main menu, hold down shift while looking at other worlds options and you will be given the option to go on debug mode. This is a must know if you make texture packs.

20. When dealing with natural generation, did you know that pumpkins are considered to be more rare than diamonds?

21. The initial storms of a new world will depend on the seed, however on average storms happen around once every 7 minecraft days, which translates to 2 hours real time.

22. The Danish government has recreated all of Denmark in minecraft to bring more public attention to denmark's geographical data.

23. A school located in Sweden made Minecraft a compulsory part of the curriculum in hopes that it would develop creative thinking skills and creativity.

24. If you grow a tree in the nether, it will have dead-looking brown leaves. This is a nice touch considering there isn't any sunlight.

25. Unlike tiny slimes, tiny magma cubes can hurt you. So be careful when gathering magma cream!

26. C418 revealed in a reddit AMA that the ghast sounds were actually taken from his pet cat while sleeping.

27. Redstone is the only light source in the game that will not melt snow or ice besides natural light​.

28. When sneaking in minecraft, mobs will not track you until you’re within 80% of the usual detection range. Making sneaking a extremely useful tool.

29. Most enderman sounds are actually people saying reversed and slowed down versions of "Hi" and "What's up".

30. When using invisibility potions on spiders and enderman you can still see their eyes. Creepy!

31. Flowing water can actually break webs instantly, This makes having a water bucket extremely handy in a mineshaft..

32. Everyone knows by now that the ghasts can't break cobblestone, but did you know that they also can't break jukeboxes, bricks or diamond blocks?

33. Before minecraft had a official name, notch was considering calling it “CaveGame” but then later decided Minecraft was more fitting.

34. There is a 1/10,000 chance that in the main menu, the title will be "Mineceraft" and not "Minecraft"​

35. Did you know that you can actually breed pigs with beet root? I didn’t!

36. Agro’d Enderman will actually become passive again if they touch water​, this just makes me want to go live on a island!

37. Back in earlier versions of the game, when a player reached 12,550,824 blocks away from their spawn location a math glitch caused minecrafts landscape to warp and disintegrate. The terrain which was generated under this new broken generator was was referred to by notch as “the far lands” and has become a pretty interesting topic for infinitely generating worlds.

38. Cats are one of the few mobs which don’t take any fall damage! Must be nice...

39. Placing cats outside of your door may be one of the best methods of tackling creepers as they will actually run away from cats in fear. so you won't have to worry about being blown up upon leaving your base.

40. You can actually make tall grass by bone mealing its smaller version which can be made from just bone mealing the ground.

41. In easy mode, zombies have a 1% chance of dropping carrots when killed. This is to allow players in a new world to make carrot farms without needing to find a village.

42. If you own a rare Minecon Cape and equip the Elytra the texture for the Elytra will be changed to the texture of the Minecon Cape which looks really cool!

43. When Capes were first introduced into Minecraft in 2010, they were actually referred to as Cloaks. however In 2011, Cloaks were renamed to Capes by Notch and have become a iconic fashion symbol within the game.

44. on the 11th of march 2015, turkey attempted to ban minecraft within the country on the grounds that it was too violent. Thankfully it was never actually banned.

45. Back in Beta 1.8, Minecraft had a mysterious black fog which would grow darker the deeper you go, this was known as void fog and when down at bedrock level you could barely see 4 blocks ahead of you. This was then later removed in snapshot 14w34c as a performance improvement change.

46. Minecrafts top 7 most downloaded mod packs reach up to a total of 55 million recorded downloads. The modding community really is huge!

47. Back in older versions of minecraft, all you needed to do to ignite tnt was to punch it, however did you know that this is still in the game? Upon using the command /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:tnt 1 you can actually spawn in old tnt with the same mechanics.

48. Walking to the end of a flat terrain world would take 820 hours. You would need a lot of motivation to achieve this though.

49. as of february 2017, minecraft has officially sold 122 million copies of the game. Making it one of the worlds most successful games.

50. In creative mode you cannot break blocks with swords of any kind, no matter how hard you try!

51. Did you know that the damage methods on screen wont actually damage your armour? Suffocating, drowning, starving, falling, the void, poison, any harming potion.

52. You can actually remove all dyes off armour, to do this all you need to do is right click a cauldron with water with the armour in your hand. This will then remove all dyes from the armour whilst equipping it to the correct slot.

53. Endermen were actually called Farlanders before the End was created.

54. A block called crying obsidian was originally intended to serve as a spawn point, but was replaced by beds.

55. Zombie Pigmen have no pathfinding, this explains why they just seem to wander randomly without any kind of objective.

56. The credits which play after defeating the ender dragon weren’t written by mojang staff or developers, it was actually written by the irish novelist Julian Gough as he was what the community recommended when notch tweeted our writer recommendations.

57. Sponge use to clear out all water within a 5x5 area and wouldn't become wet, but this was a long time ago and was nerfed in previous updates as it was considered to unrealistic.

58. F3+B will actually show you player hitboxes in-game, this is a pretty good tool for practicing pvp and can easily be toggled.

59. Have you ever needed the ID of a item and turned to google? or wanted to see exactly how many uses your pick has left? Using F3+H will actually show you the item ID and durability in its lore.

60. If you have weird visual glitches within your game, you can actually use F3+A which will reload your current loaded chunks. This should always be done before restarting your client.

61. You can't open things like hoppers or chests if you're shifting, this is a useful tool for placing blocks or signs around chests or other things which have a right click interaction.

62. Notch has stated many times that all mobs in minecraft are actually genderless.

63. A piston can push a total of 12 blocks, however if you have 13 the piston just won't activate.

64. Snowballs do 0 damage to most mobs, however against blazes they deal 3 damage each shot. Making them a really useful weapon in the nether.

65. A spider jockey in minecraft has two separate health bars since the spider and skeleton do not share the same HP. This only makes the jockey even more annoying to kill.

66. When a skeleton spawns on a spider it's called a spider jockey, but did you know that the nether has its own version with a wither skeleton known as the wither skeleton jockey?

67. Iron golems will attack and kill almost all hostile mobs, especially if around villagers. But did you know that they actually don’t target creepers? This is something to think about whilst walking around your villager at night.

68. A command block has more blast resistance than obsidian since a obsidian block has a resistance of six thousand and a command block has a resistance of eighteen thousand.

69. If a villager is hit by lightning, it will actually turn into a witch! Lets hope my villagers aren’t that unlucky.

70. pistons were a separate mod before mojang implemented it, making it one of the first mods to unofficially actually make it into the live game. 71. A pufferfish is the only way in the game to obtain the nausea effect naturally in minecraft, the only thing which comes close is the nether portal which doesn't actually put a potion effect onto the player.

72. The sky in the overworld darkens if you stand on soul sand, This is a pretty neat trick if you plan on making any survival maps..

73. On average a minecraft world with the default generation will have a larger diameter than the planet neptune! This only puts into perspective the huge scale of minecraft worlds.

74. The world boundary is typically 30 BILLION blocks away from the spawn point. 75. You can stop yourself from drowning by just right clicking a empty bucket whilst under water, the bucket will then take the water creating a temporary water pocket around your head which will reset your drowning timer.

76. When in spectator mode, you can actually see the mobs/players perspective by right clicking on the mob!