Minecrafts strangest resource packs 1.15

In this blog we showcase a video made showing off some of minecrafts strangest resource packs!

Posted by Cobwebster on 23/09/2019

  • Lego Resourcepack
  • The lego resource pack, this resource pack literally makes everything lego!

  • Chubik Resourcepack
  • Based on the theme of the Chubik cube, the names of the blocks are put in the place of the textures. This makes block recognition difficult, but still possible. The player would have to read the block to know what it is. This concept makes for an interesting survival challenge.

  • MSPainted Resourcepack
  • his pack was completely created in Microsoft Paint with a mouse. Oh, and I only used Microsoft Paint's default colour palette of 20 different colours (aside from hard-coded colours). Don't take this resource pack too seriously.

  • Nicolas Cage Resourcepack
  • This is just a little texture pack I made to prank one of my friends. All it does is emulate everything about default, but it changes most of the mobs to be Nicolas Cage! Yes, you did read that correctly... Most of the mobs (not things like bats, cats or silverfish) have been re-textured so that they have the head of Nicolas Cage.

    There are some crazy and weird resource packs out there! Its rare to see a lot them because they don't often get hundreds if not thousands of likes.