How to Get and play Dripstone Caves in Minecraft 1.17 20w49a Snapshot

In this blog we show you how you can get the latest dripstone cave generation in the recent minecraft 1.17 snapshot 20w49a!


means mojang have just released a new minecraft 1.17 snapshot and it does not disappoint it's titled 20w49a and it adds two new main features into the game firstly we now have the new drip stone cave generation but by default it's not enabled in this video i'll show you how you can actually play it yourself and then secondly we have the sculpt sensor a new block in the game that will emit redstone based on sound this is the first block of its kind and it opens up the way for new redstone contraptions which i'm very excited about i load up my 1.17 snapshot server that i play with my subscribers if you'd like to join just make sure you're subscribed and you join my discord link down below from there you can request a whitelist and next time there is a 1.17 snapshot you can appear in the video and help me test out

some of the new things they add before i show you the drip stone caves i thought it'd be useful to show you how you can actually get them yourselves all you need to do is create a new world and make sure that you have cheats enabled so you can go into spectator mode from there select the weld type to be single biome and then you can select the drip stone cave biome and that's it your world will now have the new generation added in this snapshot the first thing i like to do is hit f3 and f4 together to go straight into spectate mode the drip stone capes look really good like actually really good i'm a huge fan of them because they just make caving so much more interesting i even managed to find this huge drip stone feature which i didn't even know was a thing they added so i was completely surprised when i was flying around in spectator mode and i came across this they're calling these stalagmite and stellar site columns and they look pretty cool i think they're pretty rare because they only managed to flame one in my whole time flying around and that appeared in a ravine if you enjoyed the video so far make sure to like and subscribe

it'd be awesome if this video could reach 100 likes the second major feature added in this snapshot was the skulk sensor the skulk sensor can detect nearby vibrations emerging have given out a list of things that cause vibrations when a vibration is detected it will release a redstone signal what makes things even cooler is that different sounds have different frequency levels so you can actually determine what kind of sound happened and then change your output from that for example you can actually make it so if someone breaks a block near you it doesn't set off a trap but if they were to place one that would be a different frequency level and could determine a different trap output it also has a couple of special interactions with different types of blocks namely the wall block if you place a wall block in front of the thing that caused the sound it will actually block the frequency level and make it so no redstone energy is output they've also been given one tick cooldown period so that they won't trigger themselves which makes sense because you wouldn't want to use more than one if they could trigger themselves in regards to bug faces and other changes they've now made it so that the bundle will now show you the fullness regardless if you have your tooltips enabled very handy indeed they have also given players the ability to decide whether or not they want their drip stones to merge by holding shift and then holding down your drip stone the two will no longer merge this is a pretty cool option and will come in handy for builds we also have a few technical changes we have two new particle types a vibration and dust color transition they've actually removed the max build world height setting which might be a hint to something they might be doing in the future as you can see on screen different things have different frequency levels start eating has a frequency level of seven that means if someone eats in a your sculpt sensor you can figure out that they're actually eating and make a decision based on that maybe you don't want someone opening your chest and have a frequency level set for that and if the chest opens you can blow up some tnt

this stuff gives you a lot of control and is the fact you can figure out specific interactions made by player is huge if this new redstone stuff interests you make sure to subscribe to this channel because my next video or the one coming up after that will be purely about the new contraptions you can make with this new stuff and i'm super excited to show it off but that's largely the snapshot in this video covered i'll be making more videos going into more details and i'll even be going over some of the new contraptions you can make if you enjoyed the video make sure to like and subscribe it helps a lot as i'm a growing channel i've got two more videos on screen i think you will enjoy