How to Play the minecraft cave and cliff beta for bedrock edition.

In this video tutorial we show you how you can start playing the minecraft 1.17 cave and cliff update beta.
Mojang has just released their first beta snapshot for the 1.17 cave update series and it comes with goats!
This is huge! but how do you play it?
In this video we not only show you how you can play the latest 1.17 beta but we also show you what the update its self has!


mojang have just dropped a 1.17 beta for bedrock edition for players to mess around with while it's not entirely a feature-rich 1.17 beta it's still a nice beta to play around with so if not everything is in what did they actually add they added the powder block this is the new snow block which you'll fall into kind of like how cobwebs work however if you wear leather boots the falling effect is heavily reduced mojong have just given another purpose for leather which is always good to see they also added the new goat mob with its awesome path finding reduced fall damage and jumping ability they also have the ability of dropping a horn after ramming into a tree this is pretty cool because it's nice to have a change from kill the mob and get the drop mentality that we're so used to as players it also has a new goat horn which is probably the most annoying noise i've ever heard in my life [Music] the go will also actively jump and avoid powdered snow in the wild when you fall into a powder snow block there will now be this new fog render which will overlay on your screen and that's it that is the beta in terms of the 1.17 content it adds in a whole bunch of bug fixes and minor changes but they're not really 1.17 specific they're more of just fixes they should have done in the previous update i hope you enjoyed the review and now i can show you how you can actually play it yourself if you enjoyed the video make sure to like and subscribe it'd be awesome if this video can get 100 likes so bedrock has a lot of platforms i'm currently playing on windows 10 and if you're on windows 10 or xbox this tutorial will help you if you're on any other platform link is in the description and you can follow it through and then get the beta itself and then once you have the beta all you need to do is create in a world and select which beta you want to play so first you need to go to the microsoft store and type in xbox insider hub this is something you need to install and once you've installed it launch the program here you can go to your insider content and then join the minecraft beta once pended you can go to manage and make sure you select the beta for windows 10 and then hit play sometimes you won't get this beta at launcher and you'll need to go back to the minecraft store and make sure that you downloaded the new update if you enjoyed the video make sure to like and subscribe it'd be awesome if this video can get 100 likes it's so exciting to see these new beta releases even though it's not the full version and i can't wait until java gets and fully adapted snapshot i hope you enjoyed the video i've got two more videos on screen you'll definitely enjoy you