Minecraft 1.16 Potion Recipes Guide in 100 seconds | Minecraft How to make POTIONS tutorial 2020

Everything you need to know about minecraft potion brewing!

Minecraft 1.16 Potion Recipes Guide in 100 seconds


the basics of minecraft potions in 100 seconds first we need a brewing stand and this is where we get all of our brewing done the recipe is simple but we need the blaze rod which we get from never fortresses every potion starts with these three items bottled water never wore and blaze powder which gives us an awkward potion from here we decide which potion we want to make if you miss this step you get a mundane potion which are boring and i'm not going to talk about them now we pick what to make sugar is speed rabbit's foot is jump boost glycerin melon slice is instant health spider eye is poison puffer fish is water breathing magma cream is fire resistance and golden carrot is night vision blaze powder is strength ghast hit is regen and turtle shell is slowness and resistance phantom membrane is slow falling but we can also corrupt some of these potions with fermented spider eyes when doing this this turns speed and jump boost into slowness instant health and poison into instant damage night vision into invisibility and strength and regen into weakness we also have two modifiers redstone to improve potion duration and glowstone for strength so regen 1 becomes regen 2. strength typically lowers potion duration although not all potions have duration from here we have two more options splash potions throw in some gunpowder and that's it you can now throw the potion now we have the splash potion we could turn them into lingering potions using dragon breath they'll linger on the floor and affect anyone who walks into them thank you for watching subscribe if you want to see more 100 second tutorials in minecraft and let me know in the comments what one you want to see next i've got two more videos on screen that you should definitely check out