Best Minecraft Data Pack Collection

Invisible Item Frames In Survival! (Minecraft Data Pack 1.16+)

Hello there humans of the internet! This is a data pack by IcebergLettuce that allows you to create invisible item frames easily in survival mode. The inst...

by IcebergLettuce
Realistic TNT Explosions in Minecraft 1.14

I wrote a datapack that sends debris flying from every TNT explosion!. This data pack for minecraft 1.14 made by popular youtuber sethbling brings re...

by SethBling
Minecraft DataPack | Mushroom Bow Command World

This world contains the commands for a mushroom bow project I'm working on. I wasn't really planning on releasing it and was hoping to wait to turn it into...

by Kobinator
Minecraft DataPack | Make every mob your pet

Instructions for DataPack 1) rename a lead (item) to "BFF Necklace" (you can copy the text here) 2) drop it close to the mob you aim to ta...

by kyleong
[1.15] Self-Destruct Data Pack

Features: - Items, mobs, arrows, and anything else related becomes a time bomb. Some things like boats have a longer time before exploding. Some ...

by iGrantastic
Minecraft Evil Beds Data Pack

Scary powerful beds attack you in Minecraft as soon as you break them! Beds are way too nice in Minecraft, you can sleep in them, break them, move them,...

by commandgeek

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