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1 day ago
Competitive Survival.

We had a quick discussion about a HCV remake on discord, it went well. HCV isn't an extremely complex gamemode to make and it for sure would please a lot of the hardcore HCV fans.

There are however things that need to be discussed and timings to take into account, at this early stage of the network we need to be very careful with what we focus on and how many gamemodes we put out. 

We also need a more solid plan on what HCV should be, going off the old setup it was fun for 4months then the server died, it for sure would probably need a seasonal type thing with resets and rewards.

The word Anarchy is a good selling point from an advertising perspective, however, it implies 0 rules, we wouldn't allow swearing or hacking, swearing is easier to control because we can limit chat to clans but I doubt we could call it an anarchy gamemode if the word heavily implies hacked clients, a for sure a big no on our network.


in conclusion, its a good idea that we will seriously consider as it does have benefits, however... given the current timing of the network and how careful we need to be with new gamemodes, its unlikely to be added to our initial roadmap. 

Maybe when video advertisement starts and we're a little bit further into the development of our core gamemodes.



1 day ago
Link to the shop

Good suggestion, Skipper has added it :)

1 day ago
Guide to our Wiki Site.

You may be asking what is the Wiki tab and why do we have it?

To keep it short, this site has 2 sides. A forum dedicated to the gameplay server and a wiki content site which is meant to have useful posts/blogs regarding Minecraft content, resource packs and seeds.

The content on /wiki is largely user-generated and you can post your own HERE.

If you make seed or resource pack videos on youtube, this site can especially be useful as it allows you to promote your showcase videos on the piece of content, as well as your socials.

If a post does well, that is potentially thousands of views injected into your showcase video.






7 days ago
We need to talk about claiming.


Why not just enable both plugins and a month or two later remove the emerald plugin and keep the golden shovel one? thats what i would do! :D:D:D






Hopefully its that simple, I'll be looking at the solution over the course of this weekend. 

7 days ago
Rank Compensation

For those waiting on responses on their forms, we have quite the backlog. 

We will be going through them starting tomorrow and going through the weekend, all forms posted as of now will be resolved by next Monday as we start going through them this weekend.



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