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1 day ago
New Update to CraftMC

less than 3 hours ago CraftMC did the following

- added taxes (Lost 2 million)

- Reduced sugar cane prices so farms are not profitable anymore

Some problems i need helped with

- i have a 60 percent drop rate of spawner and cant get any spawners i mined


-Dont expand nether wart farm because Staff will lower the price on that to

- Get ready for lot of farms to reduce cost on farms

If im not liking the server in 24 hours, 1 random person on IDMC will get all my money and posessions which includes 23 Million dollars, TONS of spawners, my base and ALL my posesion!

Some Problems

-Took a month for a simple Farm fix! A WHOLE MONTH! all mods did was direct the developer to it!





3 days ago
IdConfirmed's Introduction

I noticed you have helped make shop improvements! :P


3 days ago
What are Cubits for? and Some idea for use with Cubits

Lol now i have over 700 Cubits lol!


3 days ago
What are your favorite memories that happened on the old IDMC?

i wont see you on staff? YESH that means i get to prank/mess with you! JK i love staff and retired staff (But dont let that go to your head)



3 days ago
It's been more than a week, and I forgot to introduce myself!

Joined in 2015 as TimWarrior2009 did lots of great things. One thing I liked to do was to prank staff! I always loved idmc staff no matter how much they made me mad. Idmc staff are nice except supertoefred he  can be a bad person. jK I love you supertroefred and everyone else on here. I also can't have nuts at all! 

I like turtles 

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