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1 day ago
Something Unique About You!

Hey bubs, it's me again. The epic Froxinite.

Something epic I can do is somehow just flex ONE bone in my hand so that is sticks out. I can also hum and sing at the same time. Sometimes, I can even make my voice deep enough to sound like a guy.

What's something unique that you can do?

4 days ago
Froxinite's Introduction

Hello all, it's me. Froxinite. I also go by Frox or Jenna, sometimes Froxie, sometimes even Kyori. (My Korean name)
I'm 15 as of right now, a girl from Jersey. I like to waste my time playing games, listening to music, and doing pottery. If not at school or hanging out with friends, you can usually find me playing games like Minecraft, RDR2, or Osu!

I also have other interests like learning Korean and Italian, meeting new friends, and working on my abillities to write not only formally, but other art forms of it - like poetry, etc. Besides SPaG and things, I believe that writing is a beautiful way to express feelings.

If you need to contact me, you can contact me at Froxinite#4632. 

Anyways, y'all are very epic. Duces. 

4 days ago
What’s your favorite hobby?

As of right now, I really enjoy singing, gaming, and also pottery!
I started doing pottery around 2 years ago and although I stopped for a little while, it is still a big passion of mine. I go around once a week for 2-3 hours but honestly, while I'm there, time passes by so fast.

It's a beautiful style of art and I recommend trying if you're looking for something new to do. It's not common anymore but it's culture and history behind it can be really interesting sometimes.

22 days ago
What's your favourite music?

I like to think that I listen to a of different music genres, but my favorite has to be lofi, 50's, and Korean music. Some of my favorite musicians/bans are P!ATD, The Rose, and Sinatra. Though, I'm always down to listen to basically anything. Some of my favorite songs and 'thinking of you.' by mommy, 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' by Simon and Garfunkle, and 'Lover Boy' by Phum Viphurit.

Here's my "Your Top Songs 2019" if you wanna take a look, heh.

25 days ago

Welcome to the first ever post in 'Off-Topic'.


Or pizza?

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