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CraftMC | Discord Rules




The general rule is use common sense, this is a child friendly server and we can't specify everything!

We will take action if rules are violated.


1. Treat all users with respect. - We don't take kindly to those who are here simply to bully or belittle another person or staff. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all!


2. No foul language whatsoever. If you play on our server, follow the same language rules!


3. Don't spam! Everyone will see your message just fine, there's no need to abuse your ctrl+v buttons! This goes for reactions also.


4. Please keep the chat English. If you wish to use another language, please do so in DMs. 


5. No inappropriate content! This means anything rude or including content of a sexual nature.


6. Do not advertise in any way! If you wish to share server ips, discord servers or your youtube videos with others, DM them.


7. Politics, drugs, religion or insensitive remarks about race, beliefs or a place are not tolerated!


8. Only request music via the CraftMC Music bot. Anything inappropriate, lengthly or irrelevant will be removed. Also remember to keep the bot in the correct channel at all times!


9. Do not use an inappropriate profile (names, profile pictures or current games and stauses). Doing so will result in a kick.


10.Follow the discord ToS and community guidelines. They will be linked below.


* If we feel you are frequently violating these rules and/or are here purely to be toxic, we will extend a mute/ban, or even permanently ban you with no hesitation.


* All rules apply to every channels, this includes voice channels, donor channels, special channels, etc


Community Guidelines:

20 days ago
Aric's Introduction

I would like my hands back, please. It makes it incredibly hard to type this. 

25 days ago
Bren's introduction.

I know you're lying because Canada isn't real, are you Mel in disguise? 

Jk, glad to have you on CraftMC! Ily <3

25 days ago
Lacky's Introduction


25 days ago
Maze's introduction

<3 Snowiest, and hello Lodada. :)

Bren, if you said yes you'd make the cut. 😤

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