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CraftMC | Forum Rules

Forums Rules



Recently I have seen many rules broken on the forums but it was because many players were not aware of these so-called, "rules". This will hopefully help and stop you from getting punishments.


1. Do not double post. For example, if you say "Hi" on a thread then a few moments later you post another comment saying, "Oh and I agree." or quote someone and say something about it and quote another person within seconds or something along these lines. This is called double-posting which creates spam and is prohibited. It is only considered double posting if there isn't someone who posted after you.


2. Do not post something with less than two characters, meaning you cannot post "<3" or ": )" as this is spam posting. Instead you can put, "Aw! <3" which would not be considered spam.


3. Do not create threads if directed towards a certain member (unless it's a report, etc.). These threads are unnecessary and create hostility, arguments. You can prevent this by reaching them through PM instead.


4. Do not create thread titles that are not relevant to your topic. For example, do not put set it as "I AM DYING" if you are talking about how much you love the server. It's unnecessary and "clickbait". Title threads appropriately.


5. Do not swear in your threads or be rude. Same rules apply as well as in-game. Any swearing or forms of bypassing, etc. will get your post removed.


6. Do not disrespect any staff or members of the community through PM or on a separate thread/post.


7. Do not post links on your profile, threads, or anywhere on the site. The only exception to this rule is if you are posting a relevant YouTube video or something that is CraftMC/iDeactivateMC/Peppzzii/Minecraft related. (Buycraft, Gyazo/Screenshots, etc.)


8. Do not create arguments on threads. If there is something bothering you with a thread, feel free to PM me on the forums or take the argument to PM.


9. Do not bump threads. For example, if a thread is old and hasn't been commented on, don't decide to necropost (randomly comment). Necroposting is if you comment on a thread ten days after its last post.


10. Don't plagiarize, whether that be on staff applications or if someone creates a forum game, etc..


11. Make appropriate use of the "report" button but don't abuse it. If you want to contact a staff member, do it through PM, not through the report system.


12. Do not create threads as simple as "Thank you for Active Member" or "I am busy at school and won't be online". Make things like this profile posts instead.




If any of these rules are broken, you will receive punishments. If you have any questions regarding these rules, feel free to PM me. Always remember that even though some rules are not explicitly stated, use common sense to realize what is and is not allowed. Thanks for reading and I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

23 days ago
CraftMC | Approved Mods



For those that are unaware, mods are used and can be added to your client to enhance gameplay. They can be very useful in most situations! However, that being said, there are restrictions for certain mod usages on CraftMC.

Essentially, you are allowed to use any mods that improve your performance client-side (BetterFPS) or aesthetically pleasing ones (OptiFine). You may also use mods that assist your gameplay (not to be confused with hacks; Badlion Client). This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • 5zig
  • Animated Players
  • Armor Status HUD
  • Badlion Client
  • Better FPS
  • Better Sprint Mod
  • CPSMod
  • Custom Sky
  • DamageIndicators
  • Direction Hud
  • Foam Fix
  • Forge
  • Fullbright Mod
  • GammaBright
  • Gui Scale Mod
  • Hyperium
  • Keystrokes Mod
  • LabyMod (without minimap)
  • MoreInfo Mod
  • Name History
  • Optifine 
  • Saturation Display
  • Shaders Mod
  • Shiny Pots
  • Status Effect HUD
  • ToggleSneak
  • TooManyItems (TMI)

We cannot add every possible mod to the list due to the amount of mods there are out there but this is the general list. If you have any questions or concerns, and if you are unsure if your mod is allowed, you can always message me on Discord, Melodaze#0001, or through the forums. The list will be updated overtime as well!


NOTE: You may not use any form of a mini map mod. If the mini map feature is included in a client, please disable it. This is prohibited. Any type of hack is not allowed. 

23 days ago
CraftMC | Network Rules




1. We are a child-friendly network, foul language will result in a mute.

2. Do not harass players in any way or beg for money/items/ranks.

3. No glitching/hacking/exploiting/duping (x-ray texture packs as well)

4. No form of advertisement (servers, YouTube, etc.) or link sharing (unless it's iDeactivateMC/Peppzzii/CraftMC related).

5. There will be no use of blacklisted mods/clients.

6. All spawners need to be enclosed, if you leave a spawner open and it continuously spawns mobs out in the open they will be removed.

7. No abusive redstone/piston systems! We will break your redstone or piston systems (running redstone, lag machines, etc.).

8. Account Sharing is allowed, however, if the account breaks a rule the account will always be punished. We don't accept "My Brother, my friend, my dog" did it. We punish the account, no exceptions.

9. No bypassing any mutes/bans with alternative accounts.

10. No real money should be involved in trades, if you get scammed all we can do is ban the scammer, you'll lose the money.

11. No pushing players (rodding) into PVP areas.

12. No spamming (commands, chat).

13. No foreign languages allowed.

14. No false reporting (purposely).

15. Do not use /d (disguises) while in the PvP arena or in combat.

16. Do not make any inappropriate builds, items, signs, etc.

17. Do not grief the natural world (overworld, the nether, and the end) with cobble monsters (lava/water structures).



1. No scamming (have evidence; record the deal).

2. Griefing is never tolerated; even if the build was not claimed.

3. No TP trapping/killing (that means in PvP enabled zones too).

NOTE: The rules may be updated at any time so be sure to keep yourself updated on the rules (especially after a new game mode is released).

28 days ago
CraftMC | Requirements & Tips



CraftMC | Staff Applications




There are currently two positions that you may apply for: Helper and Moderator. Helper is still the trial rank for those wishing to become a Moderator. Additionally, it is its own separate rank as well. If you simply want to do in-chat things (muting players) and want no extra responsibilities, apply for Helper. If you'd rather ban hackers, deal with grief, etc., apply for Moderator. All new staff members will begin at Helper regardless. You may choose which one upon applying. If you find yourself conflicted and unsure of what you want to do, you may always change your mind after being accepted.



  • You must have at least 10 forum posts/messages.

  • You must have been a member of the forums for at least one week.

The prerequisites are there so that people actually put in the effort to apply for staff. Having a lack of staff members is no reason to lower the standard. There were a lot of applicants who applied for staff the day they joined the forums. To me, that tells a lot. Being a staff member means that you are active on all CraftMC platforms, not just in-game. This includes the community Discord, as well as the forums. Adding these prerequisites cut down a lot of the staff applications that we receive each week, and, as the saying goes, “quality over quantity”. 



  • You must be at least 14 years old.

  • You must be active (online at least two or three hours a day or more).

  • You must have good SPaG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

  • You must be able to record (screen recorder) as evidence when you punish a player.

  • You must have Discord and be a member of our CraftMC Community Discord.

  • You must have a microphone (built-in or external).

If you have a problem with any of these requirements, feel free to PM me on Discord (Melodaze#0001) or on the forums.




  • Please put effort into your application. You can never have too much information, only too little!

  • Focus more on the staff related questions of the application (e.g “Why should be staff?”).

  • Be honest, lying won’t get you far. Plagiarism of any kind will get you instantly denied!

  • Don’t ask a staff member to check out your staff application. That will actually get you instantly denied! Please be patient. 

  • Just because you’re not staff (yet), it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start having good SPaG. If you start now and apply later, that will increase your chances.

  • Go over your application multiple times before you submit it. Reading it over will help you catch any mistakes or add extra information.

  • Reporting players will give you a better impression when judging your application.

  • If you get denied, don’t get discouraged. Many of our previous staff members took more than a few tries to get staff. If you really put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

  • This isn't an excuse for you to spam on the forums to obtain 10 posts. We will actively deny people who we believe have farmed posts negatively. If you wish to contribute, we advise posting anything that can benefit the community. 

*NOTE* When you are denied, the general wait time is one month. If it’s more than that, it’s because we believe that what needs improvement is something that happens over time. Sometimes, the denial reason isn’t that of the application itself. Watch what you say, it can affect you in ways you didn’t think.





29 days ago
corps problem


You should be able to open your corpse if you mine around it and right click it around its feet. Hope this helps!

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