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12 days ago
We need to talk about claiming.

i guess theyre working to fix it?

12 days ago
We need to talk about claiming.

Its like this:

Your tim, your driving you end up on a spilit road, The active claiming system is left and the right one is claiming with a shovel.

You know that taking the one to the left is way less convinient than taking the one to the right. But for some weird reason you choose left anyway.



Like @PrettyWorm9523 mentioned, shovel won by a significant margin, so why was emerald block system added?

12 days ago
We need to talk about claiming.

i mean instead of toons of emerald blocks everywhere why cant we just place one in 1 corner and the other in another corner and claim the space in the middle?

12 days ago
We need to talk about claiming.

The emerald place block system is seriously bad.

Why cant we just have the old one with the shovels?

when you log in and out you lose control over where your claims are and the /pt commands are not exactly great.


Why do you do this?

18 days ago
Niensss's introduction

Its litteraly impossible to ready whatever you posted above

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