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18 days ago
Do you do this?

I'm allergic to pineapple, so I can't have this anyway :(

20 days ago
What's your favourite food?

I love any sort of pasta.. it's just amazing.

22 days ago
YesItsTyler's Introduction:

Hey everyone, I'm Tyler or YesItsTyler on MC! You may remember me from IDMC as a Chat Mod or Moderator or even as just a normal player. I am back on CraftMC and I'm stoked to be back. I'm looking forward to making many more memories and friends on the server, so well, if you see me on, say hi!

24 days ago
What's your favourite music?

I personally listen to a lot of different things, just depends on the day. Mostly Metal Bands and Eminem and just your typical radio stations as well. Linkin Park has always been one of my favorites, as well as Green Day. :)

24 days ago
Player Tags:

Hello, I'm suggesting something that I believe could be quite cool to have. I think players should have the ability to switch between the tags before their names in chat or in the Tab menu. For example, if you had the Hero rank then upgraded to God, or if you had a rank and got OG, you could switch between let's say OG and Hero, you should be able to chose which tag you'd like to have before your name. I know it seems kinda useless but, I feel like it would be a cool thing to have :D Let me know what you think!

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