I've caught a fish, a Joe Fish.


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20 days ago
LAllen: An Introduction

miss you xo

22 days ago
What's your favourite music?

Literally anything, I've seen line 40 acts live and appreciate them all like P!TD and Shawn Mendes but my go-to genre is house music...

23 days ago
Guide to Claiming

/ps visualise is a good one as well, it lets you see the border of your claim(s) after waiting a few seconds for it to generate the boundary.

24 days ago

Hello I am a Joe, what are you?

I've been playing on IDMC since 2015 & had the pleasure of being a part of the staff team on 2 occasions. I'm excited (as I'm sure we all are) to see the growth of CraftMC as a completely new server.

24 days ago
"Creative" or "CreativeRP"

CreativeRP was a hit with players, I think there's more reason to go with that. But creative gamemodes are less restrictive so even if you're not a fan of RP you can still just use it as a regular creative gamemode.

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