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" i don't know what to say, but i'm going to want you till the stars evaporate "
Hi stranger c:
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not your cup of tea.

Wow, it just hit me that I meant to make one of these weeks ago, and I still haven't. Well...

Hi, I'm Tea, formerly known as Rin, and I'm probably procrastinating as you read this. I've been around this community for about three years now, and definitely hope to stay for a while longer. Outside of CraftMC, I enjoy things such as music and arts - I'm in both choir and orchestra at school and tend to doodle when a pencil and paper are around (they're all a work in progress, but I hope to improve soon). Other things I love to do include loving on my little kitty babies, writing, and pacing around mindlessly with earbuds in. I can be a bit shy at first, but feel free to talk to me if you ever need help or simply want to get close~ 💗 

16 days ago

It depends on the time of the week, the positioning of the sun and moon, what the weather is like, and how recently I've read Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. 

16 days ago
Guide to Claiming

Some additional neat commands:

/ps changeowner - if you ever want to give your claim to someone else.

/ps setname - rather than having [username]'s claim, you can have it be something custom (if you wanted to have it be the name of a village or city, something like that). Just make sure that it's appropriate. 

/ps who - this will tell you who all is on your claim at that moment. 

/ps enable/disable - temporarily disable your claim so that others can have access, then enable it again so your land is protected. 

16 days ago
Aric's Introduction

You don't like hands, eh?





20 days ago
Bren's introduction.

Welcome to the forums Bren. I've always had a question for you: 




What's your opinion on Kingdom Hearts content on YouTube? (ex: Just a Pancake) Hope you're doing alright. ❤️

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