10 Secret Messages in Minecraft

A video showing 10 secret messages in Minecraft. How many of the 10 secret easter eggs did you know?

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these are ten secret messages that are found in Minecraft so what's going on guys my name is Anthony and today I'm going to be bringing you guys ten secrets messages that are in Minecraft now if you guys do enjoy today's video then be sure to give this video a like rating now if this video is able to hit over 5,000 likes then that would be really awesome not gonna lie and if you guys are new to the channel and want to see more content then be sure to subscribe as well but anyways without further adieu let's go ahead and get straight into today's video about 10 secret messages in Minecraft I hope you guys enjoy it as of May 2019 minecraft hit the mall stone of being 10 years old which is absolutely crazy to me and Mojang decided to celebrate the 10 year anniversary by adding a secret message or secret Easter Egg rather into the game in May if one was to play Minecraft between May 17th to May 20 of 2019 and happen to encounter a cake or place down a cake then the cake would actually display a number 10 above it you mark the 10-year anniversary of Minecraft now the number 10 cake looks like this and the 10 of the cake appears to be textured with white concrete as you can see but if you tried to play Minecraft anywhere after May 20th then you will not be able to see this cake at all in fact I even tried going back to the dates to try and find this cake and it's nowhere to be found so you are only able to see this if you played Minecraft between May 17th to May 20th a few guys ever been exploring a cave in Minecraft and heard some really creepy cave ambient sounds because I know I have and it really is unnerving that's right there are a bunch of creepy ambient cave sounds that can be heard in the game but there is one cave sound in particular that actually displays a secret message before we talk about that cave sound take a listen to some of the other ones and just listen to how creepy they sound man [Music] anyways the specific cave sound I am talking about is cave sound 14 and it sounds like this the interesting thing about cave sound 14 is that if you put it into a spectrogram then it actually appears to be what looks like a creeper face which is that is just creepy oh my god the desert temple otherwise known as the desert pyramid is a sandstone structure that can be found in desert biomes that somewhat resemble Egyptian pyramids and they'd look like this inside the desert pyramid you will find a single block of blue terracotta where if broken will reveal a hidden chamber with four chests that contain some very good loads be careful though because at the bottom there is also a trap that consists of a stone pressure plate where if pressed will activate some TNT that is underneath the structure but anyways enough about the inside of the desert pyramid let's go ahead and talk about the owl side of the pyramid so if you look at the outside of the pyramid more specifically at the orange terracotta you will notice that the orange symbols on the outside of the pyramid resembled the ancient Egyptian symbol for life which is otherwise known as an ankh the next secret message I'm going to be talking about in Minecraft is a secret message that you guys have likely come across but probably haven't noticed it when you opened the game now I've talked about this secret message a few times on my channel but it is so interesting that I want to mention it again in this video and that secret message is that there is a 0.01 percent chance that the title screen for Minecraft will display as Mint's raft instead of saying a Minecraft now again you guys have probably opened the and encountered this secret message but probably haven't noticed it because it just looks so similar to Minecraft now obviously there are some screenshots out there of people encountering the Mint's wrath title screen which is really cool because there is only a 1 in 10,000 chance that you'll ever encounter this be sure to let me know in the comment section below if you have encountered the Mint's raft secrets message not only are their creepy minecraft cave sounds in the game there are also creepy minecraft music discs and one of the music discs that stands out as being very creepy is music disc 11 and here is a quick snippet of what it sounds like [Music] anyways the interesting thing about music disc eleven is that there was also a secret message hidden within this music disc so if you convert the door Oh Gigi fall for music district 11 and convert it to a wav file and run it through a spectrogram an image is created now several theories for this image exist but the most popular for this image is that there is a default player otherwise known as Steve seen in the spectrogram as well as c418 that signature who is the creator of the music discs and the minecraft music but I have to say it is very creepy that you can see Steve's face in the spectrogram for music disc 11 some people made a theory that it was Hara brine BER I'm just gonna guess it's Steve to be honest there are hundreds of different splashes that you can see on the title screen of Minecraft and it really is a nice little feature that has been added into the game to be honest but what would happen if you were to delete these splashes from the game well something very interesting will happen and I will tell you what that is now if one were to go to their minecraft directory and delete these splashes dot texture fall then the splash screen on the title screen of Minecraft will change to say missing know that as you can see now some of you are probably wondering why on earth does it say missing no what does this mean well this is actually a reference to the infamous glitch that can be found in the first generation of the Pokemon games more specifically pokémon red and blue where you would encounter a glitched form of Pokemon known as missingno which is short for missing number now judging by how this quote-unquote Pokemon looked I don't think it belonged in the game I mean just look at it some of you might know this next one and some of you might not and that is that the chiseled sandstone actually has a creeper face on it as you can see the red chiseled sandstone also has a wither boss on it as you can see as well which is pretty cool for those of you who play minecraft chopper edition do you guys remember this minecraft Launcher well you probably do because we only had it a few months ago and only just recently got the new one anyways on this old minecraft.jar edition launcher there were actually a few different secret messages or secret easter eggs rather that could be encountered on the launcher and i'm going to show you guys them right now okay so the first little secret easter egg the player could encounter on this launcher is that if they hovered their mouse cursor over the play button for a few seconds then a random orbit would actually appear but I'm sure most of you guys already knew this one anyway the next little easter egg that could appear on this launcher is that there would sometimes be a translucent creeper face in the top left corner of the launcher as you can see which is pretty cool if you ask me and finally the best one of all is that there was about a 1 in 11 chance of the creeper face being replaced with a shrugging emotes face as you can see which looks like this I've in that is really cool that they put this in the launcher before all of minecraft textures were overhauled in the Minecraft 1.14 update the zombie pigmen texture actually had a hidden message within the texture so if you were to open the original texture for the zombie pigmen you could see the words that would read thanks as a phobia and this was written by original Minecraft developer not to give credit and thanks to the original creator of the zombie Pigman texture who was known as a phobia but yeah now that the zombie pigmen has a new texture in Minecraft 1.14 this little hidden message can no longer be seen when you open up the texture also before the texture update from Minecraft 1.14 if one was to open the texture files for the Guardian an elder guardian then you could see an unused part of both of the textures that would say Jeb as you can see now Jeb is a Minecraft developer and he basically put his signature in the texture to say that he made it but you know since the Guardian an elder Guardian have been changed in the texture update this Jeb signature is no longer but anyways that just about concludes today's video about 10 secret messages that are found in Minecraft I really hope you all enjoyed this video and found it interesting and once again if you did enjoy this video then be sure to leave a like rating on it and if you're new to the channel and want to see more videos then be sure to subscribe as well but anyways I'm going to go now everybody once again thank you all so much watching the video and I will see you all in my next one goodbye this video was rather creepy to make to be honest especially with the cave sounds