100 Things Added in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update

Today I bring you 100 things added in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update. 100 new features such as new netherite armor! New mobs such as striders and piglins! New biomes such as soul sand valley, warped forest & more! New items and blocks such as soul fire! New structures such as bastion remnants, ruined portals and more! Leave a "LIKE" Rating for more Minecraft 1.16 videos!

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today I bring you 100 things that were added in Minecraft 1.16 in this video I'll be covering the new biomes the new mobs the new items are much much more in the Minecraft nether update be sure to leave a like rating and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos like this anyways on with the video the first feature added in the minecraft 1.16 nether update is the addition of the new tools known as nether right tools so that's right 1.16 has added a nether roy pickaxe sword shuffle axe and hoe and they all look like this these nether right tools are more powerful and have more durability than diamond tools making them the best tools in the game oh and these nether right tools can float in lava and cannot burn so yeah they're really good next up in 1.16 is the addition of another right armor which looks like this just like the tools the nether right armor is stronger and more durable than diamond armor and doesn't burn in lava either making it the best armor in the game just note that you still take damage from lava when wearing this armor so yeah you're not fully protected so be careful the nether has been overhauled in Minecraft 1.16 with the addition of four new biomes and those biomes are the following the first biome added is the soul sand valley which looks like this this biome is composed of uncovered nether fossils a soul sand at this creepy blue fog and this new blue fire known as soul fire next up we have a biome that is called a basalt Delta's now the biome looks like this and is described as a volcanic biome added in the nether consisting of pillars of basalt and large areas of the new black stone blocks which look like this definitely a very mysterious and creepy biome the third biome added in 1.16 is the crimson forest which looks like this as you can see the crimson forest is a well a forest and it's filled with these new crimson fungi trees which you can obtain a new type of wooden plank from and other wood related blogs the crimson forest also features the new a shroom light block which emits light similar to glowstone as well as to new mobs which I will talk about shortly the final biome we have in the nether is the Warped forest now the Warped forest looks like this and is a blue variation of the crimson forest featuring a warped fungi trees which again you can obtain its own wooden planks the Warped forest also features another new mob added in the nether update so without further ado let's talk about the four new mobs the first mob we've been blessed with in the 1.16 nether update is the pig line' and it looks like this the pig Lin is a hostile mob that spawns with either a gold sword or a crossbow and they can spawn in either the crimson forest biome I mentioned earlier the new bastian remnant structure or the regular nether biome pig lines love gold so much that they will not attack you if you are wearing at least one piece of gold Armour with the addition of pig lines a new trading mechanic known as bartering has been added to the game which allows the player to trade gold ingot for various different items just simply throw a gold ingot in front of a pig Lin and watch them inspect it for a few seconds resulting in you getting one of the following items you see on screen the next mall buy added in 1.16 is the hog Lin which looks like this and now the hog ling spawns in the crimson forest biome and is also a hostile mob to the player so be very careful despite Hoagland's being very scary mobs they have to be careful as piglets will actively hunt down Hoagland's attack them and do a little victory dance after killing them the poor hoechlin man the piglets are so mean the third mob introduced in Minecraft 1.16 is the zombified variant of the hoechlin which is called well the zulan and they look like this now as Oakland will only spawn if a hoechlin enters the overworld for at least 15 seconds where they will then proceed to shiver and turn into a sullen oh and it goes without saying that its organs are also hostile and they cannot burn in sunlight so be careful the last and final mob introduced in the nether update is a new mob called destroyed ER and they look like this the destroyed er is a passive mob that spawns on lava oceans in the nether and when they leave the lava they will begin to shiver and turn a blueish purple color I feel so bad for the man just look at them Striders also provide a way to travel across larvae so if you put a saddle on a Strider while holding the newly added walked fungus on a stick then you can control where the Strider moves meaning you can get across massive lava oceans which i think is awesome the next feature added in the nether update is the addition of a new structure which is called a Bastian remnant so Bastian remnants are large castle like structures that look like this and they are found in all biomes of the nether except basalt Delta's bastian remnants are home to pickling mobs but Hoggins may also spawn if Hoglund stables generates within the structure in the busty and remnant you can find treasure rooms allowing you to obtain all sorts of loot ranging from diamonds to the newly added music disc which is called a pig stir of this new music disc sounds awesome and a busty and revenant is the only place you can find it so keep a lookout you can also find a magma cube spawner Zin bustin remnants as well so look out for those too next up in 1.16 is the addition of a brand new ore which is called ancient debris and it looks like this now ancient debris is a rare all found in the bottom layers of the nether and can only be mined with a diamond or nether right pickaxe when you obtain ancient debris you can smelt it in a furnace to obtain a new item cordon at the right scrub and it looks like this with the nether right scrub you can combine it with gold ingot in a crafting table to create a nether right ingot you can then combine a nether right ingot with a diamond pickaxe and a smithing table to upgrade that pickaxe into the new nether roy pickaxe i mentioned earlier the same also applies with armor combine a nether right ingots with diamond armor and you get leather roids armor another structure that's been added in the nether update is the addition of ruined portals which look like this now ruined portals are naturally generated nether portals which spawn in both at the overworld and another ruined portals are made of normal obsidian and the newly added crying obsidian which looks like this a chest also spawns with every ruined portal and you can find various gold items and items used to build the portals such as obsidian and flint and steel it's worth noting that the crying obsidian that generates on the portal will not work when trying to activate it so you will have to break it with a diamond pickaxe and replace it with normal obsidian collecting crying obsidian is still very useful though as combining it with the glowstone in the crafting table allows you to craft a new block called the respawn anchor the respawn anchor looks like this and it allows the player to set their spawn point in the nether which is a feature we've been waiting years for the respawn anchor is powered by glowstone which means if you right-click on the anchor with send glowstone its powers to block with one charge this means you can now right-click on the respawn anchor and set your spawn points so if you die in the nether you'll respawn bucket to the blog respawning it's the respawn anchor will then decrease the charge of the block by one which means you will have to power it again with glowstone with that said a maximum of four charges can be set on the respawn anchor giving you full different respawn zat's the block before needing to recharge it if you die in the nether without charging the respawn anchor then you will of course respawn at your original spawn point in the overworld attempting to use the respawn anchor in the overworld or the end will result in the block exploding setting fire to all surrounding blocks so yeah you will more than likely die using the block anywhere but the nether next up in 1.16 we have the addition of soul fire which looks like this so soul fire is the blue variant of regular fire and it naturally generates in the soul sand valley biome I mentioned earlier soul fire can be created in any dimension as long as the player lights flint and steel on soul sand or soul soil soul fire deals a damage of one heart per second to the player whereas normal fire only deals half a heart of damage per second so it's slightly more deadly it's also worth noting that unlike normal fire so fire will not extinguish when it's in the rain which is really cool in the nether update a new enchantment has been added which is called a soul speed now the soul speed in Sean is used on boots and it allows the player to walk faster on soul sand which is going to be really useful for travelling in the nether the soul speed enchanted book can only be obtained by finding them in either a chest in a busty in remanence or by bartering with a piggelin mod of the next feature added in the nether update is the addition of a new block called a lodestone which looks like this lodestone is crafted with eight chiseled stone bricks and one there the right ingot and at first glance it just looks like a decorative block but it does much more than that so a normal compass in the nether does well nothing it doesn't lead you to anywhere and it just spins around aimlessly however if you right-click on a lodestone block with a compass it will start glowing and change into a lodestone compass now a lodestone compass will always point towards the lodestone block making it very useful if you happen to get lost in the nether if you brake the lodestone block though your compass will once again become useless soul sand in the nether update can now be used to make a new type of torch called the soul torch and it looks like this the soul torch is crafted similar to a normal torch except you place soul sand under the stick it's worth noting that soul torches give off a lower light level than regular torches so they're not as good but they still look awesome if you don't want a soul torch you can use the soul torch to craft the newly added soul lantern which looks like this just simply place a soul torch in the middle and surround it with iron nuggets and bam you've got yourself a soul lantern in mycroft 1.16 chains have been added which look like this and are crafted by using one iron ingot and to iron nuggets chains or decorative blocks and can be used to hang the lanterns and bells which is a feature on lots of players were asking for and now we have it in Minecraft 1.16 nether gold all has been added which is a variant of gold all and it looks like this mining nether gold all with a pickaxe will drop two to six gold nuggets however the fortune enchantment can increase the drop rate you can also mine nether gold ore with silk touch smelt the ore in a furnace and get one gold ingots don't get caught mining this or near a pig line' or they will attack you even if you are wearing gold armor another soul related block i forgot to mention is the soul campfire which looks like this now again soul campfires are crafted similar to normal campfires except they use soul sand instead of coal the pigley mobs i mentioned earlier will avoid soul fire soul torches soul lanterns and soul campfires making them very useful to counter piglets in the 1.16 update the zombie pigmen we know and love have been replaced by zombified pig Lin's which behave exactly the same as zombie Pigman did but yeah they're just the zombie counterpart of pig Lin's rest in peace original zombie pigman you will be missed Oh if piglets happen to encounter theirs don't be counterpart then they will avoid them and run away I guess they're scared to become one of them which makes sense to be honest with every Minecraft update now the title screen has been changed to have a theme for the nether update and it looks like this the Mojang logo that you see on the loading screen for minecraft has also been changed in 1.16 and it looks like this I quite like it before this video ends so I'm going to mention all the new blocks that were added in 1.16 that I have not yet mentioned first up we have black stone which looks like this and is another variant of cobblestone as you can craft stone related tools with it on top of that we have a polished black stone chisel polish black stone polished black stone brick and cracked polished black stone bricks we also have three types of black stone walls three types of black stone stairs three types of slabs a pressure plate and our button there's also this gilded black stone where if mind will either give you the block back or two to five gold nuggets chiseled nether bricks have been added in the nether update and if you look closely you'll notice it has the face of a wither skeleton on it which is really cool the crimson forest biome I mentioned at the star allows you to obtain crimps stem which you can get crimson planks from the Warped forest biome also allows you to get Warped stems which you can also get planks from an interesting thing to note about crimson and Warped planks is that unlike normal wooden planks they cannot burn which is great crimson and warped planks can also be used to make slabs stairs fences fence gates pressure plates buttons signs trap doors and doors if you want to regrow crimson and warped stems just simply use bone meal on crimson and warped fungi and there you go and finally Hoagland's can dance [Music] this last one's a joke a minecraft dev was just having some fun anyways bye