Minecraft: 15 Things You Didn't Know About the Squid

Today I bring you 15 things you didn't know about the squid in Minecraft. How many of the 15 Facts about squids did you know? :D

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so a few of you have been asking me to make things that you didn 't know about the squid in Minecraft so here I am today to do exactly that so what 's going on guys my name is AD City and I am back everybody have you all missed me that 's right guys I 'm back from my holiday in Greece and I 'm ready to make some more videos but anyways as the title suggests today I 'm going to be bringing you guys 15 things that you didn 't know about the squid in Minecraft now if you guys do enjoy today 's video then be sure to give this video a like rating now if this video is able to hit the like goal of 5,000 likes then that would just be amazing not gonna lie but anyways guys be sure to comment your video suggestions below for a chance to be and featured in the next video but yeah let 's go ahead and get straight into today 's video I hope you guys enjoy it the squid is a passive underwater mob that was added on January 13th 2011 in version beta 1.2 they have 5 hearts of health and as of the 1.13 update they can only spawn in rivers oceans and beaches the squid will drop 1 2 3 ink sacs upon death but there is a lot more history about the squid that you guys may not know about so back in the earlier days of Minecraft from version beta 1.2 2 version beta 1.3 there was a very interesting game mechanic for the squid that is no longer in the game so if you happen to encounter a squid in version beta 1 point 2 you can actually walk up to it with an empty bucket right click on it and obtain milk that 's right guys in beta 1.2 you were actually able to milk squids this made for quite a useful feature at the time because cake was also added in beta 1.2 and if you guys didn 't already know you actually use milk in the crafting recipe for cakes so yeah it was a very easy way to obtain milk however when beta 1.4 was released on March 2011 the feature for milking a squid was removed from the game rest in peace feature of being able to milk squids you will be missed on the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft there is actually an exclusive feature when it comes to the squid mob so on Minecraft Pocket Edition not only do normal squids have a chance to spawn but there is also a chance of baby squids spawning and they look like this they 're pretty much just a smaller version of the squid but they look very cute and I 'm very sad that they 're not in the PC version of buying cars Jeb or dinnerbone if you are watching this please add baby squids into Minecraft PC it would just be amazing comment below if you want baby squids back in the earlier days of Minecraft from beta 1.2 2 beta 1.6 you could not escape the squid in any way unless you killed it let me explain so until the beta 1.7 update the squid mob did not actually D spawn at all what this basically meant that you could find a massive influx of squid just everywhere in your Minecraft world because they would never do spawn you just find them all over the place in the water and sometimes on land as well it was just absolutely mayhem as you can see on screen the squid has an extremely high and knock-back resistance which means if you try to punch it anywhere it will be very stubborn and hardly move at all come on squid just move ass of the 1.13 update aquatic a new feature has been added to the squid where they will emit black ink particles if the player attacks it now even though this causes no harm to the player at all it 's thought to be a defense mechanism for the squid now this feature was in the pocket edition version of minecraft for a very long time as a version exclusive but yeah it 's recently been added to minecraft PC in 1.13 during the Mike on earth livestream in 2017 viewers were able to vote for a new mod to be added into the game in 1.13 now there were four mobs to choose from and the three mods that didn 't win would be gone forever now what on earth does this have to do but the squid you might be wondering well I 'll tell you so mob a was one of the four mods you could vote for and it was known as the monster of the ocean depths now it was an ocean creature that would suck the player down with its tentacle and sounded really cool to me now a lot of players thought that the sketch given to mob a had a striking resemblance to the squid but in a hostile form the Minecraft community quickly began making concepts for this mob and you can definitely see that it closely resembles the squid mob but in a more terrifying way however unfortunately a MOBA a was the first mob to be eliminated at Minecon earth and the winning mob was mob Abby otherwise known as the Phantom so yeah I guess we 'll never see this creepy looking tightened squid looking mob so rest in peace mob a the squid is actually able to ride inside of a minecart as you can see on screen and I have to say it looks very funny I mean just look at the squid he 's having such a great time however that great time the squid is having in the minecart will be short-lived as they will soon slowly suffocate straight afterwards and then they will die which is us very sad rest in peace funny minecart squid you will be missed contrary to popular belief the squid is actually able to survive in a one by one block gap are you okay there squid you look a bit claustrophobic mate you 're making me claustrophobic what is claustrophobic me it 's trivia time trivia time is the part of the video where you guys will show me your Minecraft knowledge where I will ask you a random a Minecraft a fact question so here we go the Enderman more-but used to drop diamonds upon death true or false a very interesting but weird thing to note about the squid is that it is one of the only mobs in Minecraft that doesn 't have a death animation which means when you kill it it will just vanish and won 't really have any form of cool animation when they die which is is a bit odd to be honest because squids did not suffocate in older versions of Minecraft and the fact that they didn 't have the best AI in the world pretty much led to some squid flying around in your my craft world that 's right guys if you look at this squid he 's just flying around without a care in the world look at him a more known fact but the squid is not very liked by the guardians and elder Guardians as they will attempt to attack and kill squint which is why why do they have to do that it 's so mean another thing to note is that guardians will still attack squids even if they are under the invisibility potion so yes grits could be completely invisible and gardius will still see them and kill them even though it would make sense if you could attack a squid by hitting its tentacles in my craft you are not able to deal any damage to a squid if you try to hit it in the tentacles because the hitbox of a squid is only restricted to the main part of the body show me your technical spot I want to see empty suction cups during Mike on earth you get to vote on mob a the monster of the ocean deaths the monster will attack you with its tongue like tentacle to pull you down and drown you its owns in deep waters and uses its large mouth to propel itself forward you should vote for this mob because the oceans currently don 't have that much content and it would make it more exciting when traveling from island to island but anyways guys that just about does it for today 's video about 15 things you didn 't know about the squid everybody I really hope you all enjoyed the video and all found it informative now once again if you did enjoy this video then be sure to show your support by leaving a like on the video because I did spend quite a long time making this video so any form of support will be greatly appreciated if you guys want to be in for a chance of being featured in a video then be sure to leave your video suggestions down in the comment section below because you never know you might have your comment featured at the start of the video but anyways guys I am going to go now everybody because I just I just need to rest my voice a little bit it 's starting to hurt now I 've been talking so much today but yeah you guys are going to see more videos in the future I do want to apologize for not uploading for about two weeks I was on holiday in Greece and there but I landed on the plane back to England it absolutely destroyed my ears you know when you get that ear popping on the plane it was it was horrible man it took me ages to recover from it but I am back now to make more videos and I 'm so excited so thank you all so much watching this video and there will be more to come so just watching have a great day and I 'll see you all in my next one good bye sorry if you heard my sister 's piano just then but anyways Kati is a peasant