Minecraft: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Foxes

A video showing 25 things you didn't know about Foxes in Minecraft 1.14 update. New fox mob love stealing your diamonds and eating sweet berries!

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so a lot of you have been asking me to make things that you didn't know about foxes in Minecraft which were recently added in minecraft 1.14 so here I am today to do exactly that so what's going on guys my name is Antony and today i will be bringing you guys 25 things that you didn't know about foxes in minecraft now if you guys do enjoy today's video then be sure to give this video a like rating like this video if you guys are excited for the 1.14 update now if this video is able to hit over 7,000 likes and that would just be amazing not gonna lie because foxes are very cute and they deserve a light by the way guys thank you all so much for 1 million subscribers my 1 million special will be coming very soon but anyways enough of me rambling let's go ahead and get straight into today's video about foxes I hope you guys enjoy it the Fox is a brand new mob that was added into Minecraft in snapshot 19 w0 7a in the 1.14 update and it was added on February 13 2009 teen foxes are passive mobs which means they would not attack the player at all and they commonly spawn in taiga biomes and snowy taiga biomes and they have ten hearts of hell it is also worth noting that there are two different Fox textures that you can encounter in your Minecraft world and the texture depends on the biome the Fox spawns in yet the Fox spawns in the normal taiga biome then it would just be a red fox and looking like this but if it spawns in a snowy taiga piont then it will be a white fox looking like this and I have to say both of these textures look really cool but they do look a bit derpy oh by the way the folks is that spawn will spawn in groups of 1 to 3 and there is a one-in-six probability that the Fox will spawn as a baby fox looking like this in the Minecon earth 2018 stream the viewers were able to vote for a bomb that was going to be updated next in Minecraft and the biome with the highest vote would get new features such as terrain changes and new mobs viewers got to vote between three different biomes which were the desert biome at the taiga biome and the savanna biome during the livestream that the taiga biome are wonderful and it is now part of the upcoming 1.14 update which is of course titled the village and pillage update now because the taiga biome won this of course meant that we received berries campfires and of course foxes if the savanna one we would have received baobab trees termites and ostriches if the desert biome one we would have received palm trees meerkats and Oasis subtype biomes oh yeah in conclusion that foxes were added in 1.14 due to the taiga biome winning the vote at Minecon earth even though foxes are completely passive towards the player I sadly cannot say the same for chickens and rabbits as foxes will actively hunt and kill well chickens and rabbits whenever a fox sees a chicken or a rabbit they will crouch down for about two seconds then leap up into the air and pounce on the chicken and begin to kill it as you can see on screen a really awesome feature with the Fox is that they can actually become temporarily stuck in snow so during their pounce animation when they attack a chicken or a rabbit if a fox collides with a snow layer they will remain facedown and stuck in the snow and then they will shortly get out of the snow so yeah that's a really funny little feature foxes are nocturnal mobs which essentially means that they are a lot more active at nighttime than they are during the day which also means that the spawn rate for foxes at nights is a lot higher and yeah typically at night time you'll see a lot more foxes in the taiga biome during the nights you will occasionally hear a fox make a loud screeching noise which is similar to real-life how you know you can sometimes hear a fox just screeching outside the overall behavior of foxes at nighttime is too very different they'll run around a lot more they'll kill mobs they don't like they'll pick up berry bushes and just have a fun night basically during the daytime however foxes behave completely differently as they'll just sleep sleep and sleep I'm serious guys during the daytime if the weather is not thundering foxes will find a nice comfy tree and just well sleep there all day long until it is nighttime while the Fox is sleeping it will slowly move its head up and down as you can see and it won't really move however it is worth noting that the Fox will wake up and quickly flee from the player if the player approaches it without sneaking but if you sneak towards it very slowly it will just you know continue to sleep another thing that will occur in daytime is that a fox will randomly sit down every so often and they will usually do this if they cannot find a shaded area to sleep in so yeah you'll subtype spot a fox sitting down a really cool feature was added for foxes in Minecraft 1.14 and that feature is that foxes are able to pick up and hold items that is right guys if any item is dropped on the ground at near a fox then the Fox will travel to it and pick it up and it will appear in the fox's mouth as you can see when this feature was first added many people thought that this behavior was only limited to food but that's not actually true as foxes can pick up any item as you can see on screen because I'm dropping a diamond sword on the fall and it's picking it up however with that being said the foxes do prefer to pick up food items and they will replace any item they are currently holding that isn't food and pretty much replace it with food a fox will eventually eat the food item it picked up and they will actually get any status affect that the food item carries such as rotten flesh for example or puffer fish so yeah if they eat a puffer fish then they will be inflicted with poison foxes may love food in Minecraft but there is one particular food in the game that they just absolutely adore now can you guess what food that is well it's the sweet berries that they added in 1.14 now the sweet berry bushes look like this and they grow in four stages and they all look like this now if there is a stage 3 or stage 4 sweet berry bush within a 16 block radius of a fox then the Fox will sprint towards it harvest it and eat the berries dropping any item it was holding before so yeah they will basically just get rid of any item for the sweet berries because they just love them when sweet berries are used on to foxes the foxes will begin to breed producing a baby fox an interesting fact about the foxes holding the items in their mouth is that they are not actually physically holding the items in their mouth they are technically holding the items in their main hand as it has been coded in a way to where the Foxes will hold the items similar to the player holding an item in their hands so yeah I hope that made sense the totem of undying is a rare item in Minecraft which can save the player from death so when you're low on health and you're about to die the totem of undying will revive you and essentially save you now a really awesome feature is that if a fox is killed while holding a totem of undying then the item will not drop but instead revived the Fox so yeah a fox can hold a totem as well and essentially survive if you try to kill it if a wolf or encounters a fox within an 18 block radius then the wolf will become aggressive towards the Fox and begin to chase it and attempt to kill it but luckily the folks is a lot faster than the wolf and they will basically outrun it and hopefully never be killed polar bears will also try to attack foxes as they will sneak towards them and well attack them if they are close enough when foxes spawn in your Minecraft world they have an 8.5% chance to spawn with the following items in their mouths eggs emeralds feathers leather rub it's Hoyt rub its foot sweet and finally cooked pork Shaw foxes are one of the only mobs in Minecraft that can well sleep and the odd mobs include Panthers cats and villagers so yeah foxes do have the luxury of sleeping whereas creepers don't they just have to walk around all the time no wander creepers are angry at the world and just want to blow everything up they don't even have the opportunity to sleep I mean I'd be that annoyed as well anyways boobie God but there you have it guys that is 25 things that you didn't know about the Fox in Minecraft I really hope you all enjoyed the video and/or found it informative now if you are new to the channel and want to see more videos like this then be sure to subscribe i now of course want to thank you all so much for hitting 1 million subscribers on my youtube channel it feels weird to even just say that because i cannot believe that my channel will hit 1 million subs I'm just I'm just I'm just speechless I also want to apologize for not uploading for about 3 weeks I've actually been working on a very big video for my channel for my 1 million subscriber specials so that's why uploads have been a little bit delayed but hopefully this video will fill the gap for a bit until I work on my massive video but um yeah bye anyways guys thank you all so much for watching once again and yeah I'll see you all in my next video which should hopefully be in a few days good bye like if you're excited for 1.14