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Today I bring you 50 things old players know about Minecraft. 50 features that veteran players remember were changed, removed or updated but these updates will give you nostalgia! How many of the 50 things did you know? Leave a "LIKE" Rating if you enjoy and "COMMENT" if you found this video nostalgic! Thanks for watching and have a nice day! :D

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today I bring you 50 things veteran players know about minecraft be sure to leave a like rating and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos like this anyways here we go back in the earlier days of Minecraft there used to be no hunger bar in the game which meant players regenerated their hearts by just simply eating food it was a lot simpler back then and if you remember this then you are a veteran player at one point in Minecraft bows were quite overpowered because you could shoot them ridiculously fast and spam click arrows it was insane one thing I especially remember in the old days of Minecraft is when food didn't stuck it was one of the most annoying things in the game I would remember having a full inventory of raw pork chops and it was just so annoying if you remember this door sound you are a veteran minecraft player I miss this sound so much man do you remember when birch trees and spruce trees would just give you oak planks it was really strange do you guys remember the old boats because I do they were absolutely terrible to control would break all the time and were just really really slow another feature I remember in the old days of Minecraft is that you could simply just punch a sheep and it would drop wool nope you didn't have to use shears or anything like that you could just punch it and it would drop wall it was ridiculous do you guys remember before version beta 1.8 when you could toggle your render distance and fog by pressing the F key on your keyboard I was quite annoyed when they got rid of it to be honest because I found it quite useful as my PC back then was terrible oh my god do you guys remember in Minecraft when fences didn't connect to solid blocks because I do and it was very frustrating another thing that was really annoying about fences is that they used to be a full block making walking of round them just really tedious and annoying I don't think you even need to be an old-school minecraft player to remember this and that is the old hurt sound I'm sure all of you watching this video remember this take a listen it still makes me so sad to this day that they even removed this I loved it so much if you remember this cobblestone texture then you are an old-school minecraft player because it was either loved or hated by the community I remember back to the time when mossy cobblestone was one of the rarest blocks in the game as it didn't have a crafting recipe and could only be obtained from dungeons which were really hard to come by do you guys remember when sprinting was not in Minecraft that's right before the beta 1.8 Update sprinting was not in the game which meant getting from point A to point B in your Minecraft world took a lot longer and it was a lot more painful oh my god do you guys remember that feature in Minecraft where when you slept in a bed that there was a chance for either a zombie or a skeleton to wake you up as you tried to sleep and they were begin to attack you I don't know if it was an annoying feature or a cool feature I really can't decide do you guys remember when you could press the f3 key on your keyboard and it would show the entity numbers of mobs meaning you could essentially cheat to fine cave systems if you remember the old creative mode inventory when it was just a list of all of the items in the game instead of having tabs for specific items than you are a Minecraft better'n I remember this old crab mode inventory and it was really annoying to navigate through I really prefer the new one do you guys remember back to a time where pigs were the only animal in Minecraft that would drop food sheep cows and chickens didn't drop any food which was kind of frustrating to be honest and it made finding food quite difficult I'm sure a lot of you old school players will remember when the chest was a full block and looks like this and the fact that it didn't have an open and closing animation chests were a lot more simple back in the day do you guys remember when mobs weren't as smart and they couldn't walk around walls for example this basically meant that creepers would just jump scare you when you would walk past the wall and it was terrifying Oh creepers would also do this thing where they would just stare at you from outside through your glass window in your house and is scared B so much man they'd look so creepy speaking of creepers once again if you remember the old explosion sound and you are a Minecraft veteran take a listen one old feature that I'm sure a lot of old school players will remember is that you couldn't place double chests next to each other which was just so annoying you would lay out your house in this really good way you'd want to place two double chests and it just wouldn't let you it was just so frustrating man you know how with every minecraft update that comes out now there is a new background on the title screen to match the update theme well in the old versions of Minecraft this wasn't a thing you just had a dirt background on the title screen and it makes me nostalgic every time I see it another thing I remember about the title screen of Minecraft is when the Minecraft logo was different do you remember when the logo was just made out of what looks to be the cobblestone texture because I do and until it looks kind of cool to be honest you are definitely a Minecraft veteran if you remember the feature of climbing up ladders with a one block gap between each ladder it kind of meant that you could save quite a few ladders with this trick but they eventually removed this feature if you remember this feature in Minecraft then you are an old-school player and that feature is when the lighting would change in stages when it was getting dark and oh my god it looked so scary just gradually watching the light change do you guys remember the old crafting recipe for fences because I still do it to this day so in Minecraft today fences across hood with two sticks and four planks but in older versions of Minecraft they were crafted with six sticks but I'll still do this crafting recipe to this day I just can't get out of my head I always get the recipe wrong when trying to craft fences you know how in Minecraft where if you press f5 twice on your keyboard you could see the front facing part of your skin it's a really cool feature well in the old versions of Minecraft you can do this you can only press f5 once and see the back of your skin which was really depressing to be honest cuz I wanted to see what my skin looks like in full form but I couldn't do you guys remember when you could only have five minecraft worlds it really meant that you had to make each world count because there were only five world slots this is the rose flower it was one of my favorite flowers in Minecraft and they removed it and replaced it with the poppy why couldn't we have just had both of them I will be angry about this for probably the rest of my life yes I am that sad before creative mode and commands for even a thing in Minecraft players back in the day had to rely on mods such as single player commands and too many items which allowed you to spawn in items and fly around and things like that things you could do in Minecraft today but you couldn't back them without the use of mods do you guys remember back to a simpler time when beds were not in Minecraft because I do back in the alpha versions of the game beds did not exist which meant you had to sort of wait out the night cycle making surviving in your world just a lot more challenging if you played Minecraft in the Alpha days of the game then you'll probably remember that the inventory key used to be I instead of E I hear that some people still use AI as their inventory key today because they're so used to it me personally I use E the old gravel texture I know some of you remember it for some reason back in the earlier days of Minecraft zombies dropped feathers I'm sure some of you remember this and it was just a little bit weird to be honest I remember going out to kill zombies for feathers just so I could make arrows oh my god I'm sure a lot of you Minecraft veterans will remember the well generation of the alpha and beta days of Minecraft it looked absolutely insane some of the mountainous terrain you would get was just it was mind-blowing just just look at it if you remember watching the yogscast original survival series then you are a minecraft veteran take a look gray minecraft we've created a new server and they're gonna show people how to play minecraft has to survive first night is terribly snowy that happened here this game is beautiful it is made by a single man yeah so this is it this is the game i brings back so many memories man if you thought Mike's enchanting at 30 levels costs a lot in Minecraft then think again because when the enchanting was first added max enchanting on tools and armor cost d levels which was insane on top of that before the feature of having to use lapis to enchant was added enchanting tools or armor at level 30 would take all of your XP for that one tool instead of taking three levels which was just insane you would spend so long grinding for those levels just to use it on one item another enchanting feature the old-school players will remember is that you couldn't see what enchantment you were going to get at all in Minecraft today you get shown one of the possible enchantments you will get on an item but in older versions of Minecraft you had to just risk it and see what you would get which was just oh my god it was so frustrating I remember a time where you could activate an ignite TNT by just simply punching it with your hand you didn't need flint and steel at all which was pretty awesome not gonna lie if you remember the infamous minecraft seed Galatia then you are a Minecraft veteran it was basically a seed in the beta days of Minecraft that just gave you this awe-inspiring world generation it looks absolutely fantastic just look at it you should honestly go back to beta 1.7 point 3 and try out this seed because seriously you will be blown away at how amazing it looks in Minecraft today we have these things called advancements where you basically complete little tasks in Minecraft but do you guys remember when achievements were in the game they were very similar to enchantments but they were just a little bit different and I will always remember these before beta 1.8 when the hunger bar was added into Minecraft there was no eating animation in the game so when you would consume a cooked porkchop you'd simply just right-click on it and boom it would be gone there would be no nomnomnom eat on the item it would just it would just disappear when you'd right-click on it if you played minecraft alpha before biomes were added into the game then you will remember when minecraft worlds looks like this there was just one type of grass and it was this really bright green looking grass and I have to say it made your minecraft worlds look very bright but very unique do you guys remember this when you or your friend died in Minecraft their body would just disappear and die instead of having a death which looked a bit weird not gonna lie do you remember when village structures were added in beta 1.8 but no villages were added to spawn yet making the village itself very creepy and sort of empty I remember playing the game and just encountering a village but there was just there was just nothing there was just really weird to be around it oh my god another thing I remember is when mining the crafting table and the furnace took absolutely ages you could use an axe on a crafting table it would still take forever use a diamond pick on a furnace it would still take forever you probably don't even need to be a Minecraft veteran to remember this but do you remember when you could spawn click your sword I'm sure a lot of you do and a lot of people got mad when this was changed were you guys one of them let me know in the comments below I'm sure some of you remember back to a time where fire in Minecraft used to spread insanely fast so if you started a fire in your world it was going to be very devastating you are indeed a Minecraft veteran if you remember when you could block with your sword instead of blocking with your shield part anyways that just about concludes today's video about 50 things veteran players remember in Minecraft I really hope you all enjoyed this video and/or found it's very nostalgic if there were any features mentioned in this video that you especially remembered then be sure to let me know in the comments below because I'm very curious to be honest but yeah if you did enjoy this video and you want to see more videos then be sure to like and subscribe but yeah I'm going to go now everybody so thank you all so much for watching the video have a fantastic day and I will see you all in my next one goodbye 100 things you didn't know about minecraft coming soon