iDeactivateMC 50 Things You Didn't Know About Minecraft 1.14 Update

Today I bring you 50 things you didn't know about the Minecraft 1.14 village and pillage update. How many of the 50 facts did you know?

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hey guys I guess I'm back so the 1.14.4 village and pillage update has been out for a few months now but I'm still discovering new things about this update every day so I thought I would bring you 50 random facts that you might not know about my graph 1.14 so what's going on guys my name is Anthony and today I'm going to be bringing you guys 50 things that you didn't know about the Minecraft 1.14 a village and pillage update now in my last video I asked for 10,000 likes and we smashed the like goal by hitting 30,000 likes so if we able to hit 10,000 likes on this video again then that would just be amazing oh by the way guys I'm going to be giving away 5 a minecraft account gift codes for Java addition or bedrock edition and all you have to do to enter the giveaway is follow me on Instagram follow me on Twitter and a retweet the giveaway tweet now the details for the giveaway can be found in the description below but anyways guys enough of me rambling let's go ahead and get straight into today's video it's so good to be back everybody and I hope you all enjoy it in the snapshot phase for the 1.14 update the new is scary a Ravager mob was actually scared of rabbits as they would flee and run away whenever a rabbit was nearby as you can see now this feature was of course removed in a later snapshot which I'm kind of sad about to be honest it would have been quite a nice little gimmick in the game you know a giant of ravager running away from a tiny rubber when Minecraft were first creating the texture and model for the Fox it looked like this what on earth is that the new pillage of mobs in Minecraft 1.14 can be found in Minecraft upcoming game in 2020 minecraft dungeons in Minecraft 1.14 your camera actually moves with you when you sneak as you can see whereas before it didn't do that during the monk on earth live stream for the minecraft 1.14 update viewers could actually vote for one of three biomes that could be updated now the taiga biome of course one which meant Fox's sweet berry bushes and campfires were added into the game but the two other biomes that weren't added could have been added and they are the following if the desert Boy Wonder vote then we would have received palm trees and mere cuts and if the savanna biome won the vote then we would have received bio burbs termites and ostriches if a fox attempts to pounce and kill a chicken or a rabbit when they are in a snowy boy and they can occasionally get stuck on the snow when they are going back to the ground as you can see are you okay there Fox the stonecutter is a block that was added in Minecraft 1.14 that is used to craft stone related blogs and the stonecutter looks like this and it's crafted with three stone and one iron as you can see now despite the stone cutter being added in 1.14 in 2019 it actually used to exist all the way back in Minecraft Pocket Edition in 2013 back in 2013 in Minecraft Pocket Edition the stonecutter block looks like this and it did behave very similar to the stone cutter today as it was still used to craft stone related blogs but yeah it was added all the way back in 2013 the stone cutter in Minecraft Pocket Edition was also crafted differently as it was crafted by using only four cobblestone instead of using three stone and one iron ingot in 2015 the stone cutter was removed from Minecraft Pocket Edition and all the stone related crafting recipes were moved over to the regular crafting table but yeah the stone cutter has been reintroduced once again and it looks better than ever although it does look kind of dangerous in the bedrock edition of Minecraft there is a unique feature for the village and pillage update where a player can be on fire and activate an unlit campfire by simply walking over it as you can see so yeah if you are on fire and want to activate a campfire then just stand over it the new lanterns that were added in the Minecraft 1.14 update look like this and emit a lights level of 15 bit did you also know that lanterns were originally planned to be added into minecraft alpha in 2010 for the Halloween update so yeah London's were planned to be added 9 years before they were finally added in 1.14 talk about a delayed feature anyways moving on the campfire is a new block that was added in 1.14 that is used for cooking food and making smoke signals now when the campfire was first added in the snapshot face for the 1.14 update the texture looked a little bit weird and looks like this very strange indeed in a later snapshot for the 1.14 update the campfires texture was updated and changed to look like this which is the final texture we have today and I have to say it looks a lot better so we all know that villages have different skins depending on the biome they spawn in so for example a desert village will have desert themed villages and tiger villages will have well tiger themed villages but did you also note that there are jungle villages that look like this and swob villages that look like this even though villages don't generate in either of these biomes with that being said sometimes a Plains village for example can generate on the border of a Plains biome and a swamp biome causing swamp villages to spawn inside of the village instead of the normal Plains villager skins which is really interesting to be honest due to the crossbow being able to be loaded by the player and put away for later use means that the player could have nine active crossbows in their hotbar allowing for the rapid unloading of arrows by quickly switching to all of them as you can see now a fully charged crossbow deals 11 damage or five and a half hearts meaning you can do a lot of damage to another player or a mob by using all nine of the crossbows in your hotbar I can imagine it now my friend is on the server with me and I'm just rapidly shooting crossbow arrows at him and he's getting annoyed until he eventually dies real quick guys if you want to join my minecraft server and come and chat to me then the server IP is plate or ID MC hub dotnet anyways back to the video in the texture files for the bedrock edition of Minecraft and unused texture file was discovered for the barrel block which was a new block added in 1.14 so currently in minecraft 1.14 the looks like this and it is used to store items like HS but the texture you see on screen was discovered for the barrel and you can see that it is visually storing lots of fish which could mean the barrel was only meant to store raw fish and fill up similar to the compost block pillager patrols are a group of five pillager mobs wielding crossbows that will randomly spawn in your Minecraft world and they look like this however back in the earlier days of Minecraft 1.14 the scary-looking Ravager mob that used to spawn as part of the pillage of patrols along with the pillage of mobs but the ravager was removed from the patrols in a latest snapshot due to mow Jam thinking it was too overpowered for ravages to be part of the patrols and I can't blame them to be honest because they did a lot of damage to players The Vindicator illegitimate that wields an iron axe also spawned as part of the pillaging patrols but they were also removed from the patrols in release one point 14.3 so yeah the pillages are the only mobs that spawn as part of the patrols now placing a hay bale underneath the campfire will increase the smoke signal from 10 blocks high to 25 blocks high making the smoke signal a lot easier to see from the distance as you can see very awesome in 1.14 when TNT explodes all of the blocks that are caught in the explosion will drop 100% of the time whereas before 1.14 only some of the blocks would drop which was kind of annoying to be honest because you could lose a few of your blocks or items that again with that being said you only really use TNT to destroy blocks and cause havoc in your Minecraft world are not to really collect the blocks if you look very closely in the trailer to the village and pillage update you will notice a villager throwing around what looks like a red stone that has been recolored to blue as you can see many people speculated it was a hint that a new blue stone ore was going to be added in a future update but the minecraft developers on twitter confirmed that it was just a graphical error in the video but who knows maybe the Minecraft developers were just saying that so they could surprise us I guess time will tell if you look closely at the ravisher mob you will notice that its head somewhat resembles a villagers head and sounds similar to a villager as well that's right the sounds that are used for the Ravager mob are actually reused villager sounds but they are slightly distorted take a listen the sounds that are used for the Panda are actually real live sound effects as the sound designer at Mojang flew all the way out to China just to record panda sounds now that is game design at its finest right there people leather horse armor can be dyed with different dyes in a crafting table a total of twelve million three hundred and twenty six thousand a three hundred and ninety one different unique colors now that is a lot of different dye colors but anyways guys that just about concludes today's video about 50 things you didn't know about the 1.14 update everybody I really hope you enjoyed the video and or found it informative again if you did enjoy this video then be sure to leave a like rating on the video and if you're new to the channel and want to see more content then be sure to subscribe as well now before I go I'm sure a few of you have been wondering where I have been because I have an uploaded video for two months now and I really do apologize for that so basically I just took a bit of a break from YouTube to be honest I just took a two-month break to sort of get away from everything and just do other things such as going away to Germany and stuff like that and hanging out with my friends and everything so I do apologize for leaving you guys for two months I just needed a break I felt a bit burnt out but it is really good to be back now because I'm ready to make more videos I just need that break you know and everybody needs a break from stuff and yeah I just had that little break and now I've returned but yeah I'm gonna go now everybody because I've got some more videos to make so thank you all so much for watching I'm a bit rusty at commentating right now but that will hopefully improve with later videos but yeah I'll see you guys in my next one goodbye I deactivate MC is back