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12 Glitches in 1.15 Minecraft by Peppzzii

Here are 12 Glitches in 1.15 Minecraft. Some of these are fun and some are game breaking! Which one do you find the best? Some of the best and funny quirks to come out of mojangs latest update.

1.15 Dupe Glitches
by Peppzzii
Minecrafts strangest resource packs

In this blog I set out to look at some of the strangest and most under-appreciated resource packs in minecraft.

Resource Pack Blog
by Cobwebster
Best Collection of Minecraft 1.15 seeds

Some of minecrafts most rare and creative 1.15 seeds!

1.15 Seed Collection
By Cobwebster
Isolated Jungle Temple Island & 5 Double Dungeons

Jungle Temple Island, Village Island, Outpost Temple Outpost/Temple combo and a record 5 double dungeons.

1.15 Double Dungeon
By Peppzzii
Top 1.8 minecraft seeds by iDeactivateMC

In this video iDeactivateMC goes over some of the best 1.8 seeds you can find!

Top 5 1.8 Seeds
by iDeactivateMC
1.14.4 Builder seed

This is a minecraft version 1.14 seed! New update. You will spawn near a double village with a double dungeons....

Java Edition 1.14
by Cobwebster
1.14.4 Pillager Post near Jungle Temple

1.14.4 Pillager Post near Jungle Temple, a great starter seed!

Java Edition 1.14
by The4CuberYT

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