All Secret Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts for Minecraft 1.16.1 you need to know

All Secret Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts for Minecraft 1.16.1 you need to know

Hidden Secret keyboard hotkey shortcuts available for version 1.16.1 Nether Update, I show off a list of shortcuts you need to know

Minecraft Java edition shortcuts, watch video for showcase.

Here is an updated list of all Minecraft Java Edition Keyboard shortcut keys!

F1 = Hide GUI
F2 = Take Screenshot
F3 = Debug Info (includes coordinates)
F3 + Shift = Toggles Profiler
F3 + A = Reload Chunks
F3 + B = Shows Hitboxes
F3 + C = Manual Crash
F3 + D = Chat History [thanks TehNolz)]
X Load Toolbar Activator key.loadToolbarActivator Press this key + any number, to access any of the 9 saved toolbars.
C Save Toolbar Activator key.saveToolbarActivator Press this key + any number, to save the current toolbar under that number.
F3 + F = Increase Render Distance by 1 [thanks TehNolz]
F3 + F + Shift = Decrease Render Distance by 1 [thanks TehNolz]
F3 + G = Toggle Chunk Borders [thanks TehNolz]
F3 + H = Advanced Item Tooltips (adds detail for most tools, ie the number of hits remaining on a pickaxe)
F3 + N = Toggle Between Spectator & Creative Modes [thanks TehNolz]
F3 + P = Toggles Game Pause (allows for Alt + Tab without having the menu appear)
F3 + Q = Show All F3 Key Combinations [thanks TehNolz]
F3 + S = Reload Sounds and Textures [thanks TehNolz]
F3 + T = Reload all sounds, textures, models and other content that was added/changed by a resource pack [thanks TehNolz]
F5 = Toggle Camera View
F3 + Alt = Shows FPS Graph [thanks 2_40]
F11 = Toggle Full Screen
1-9 Keys (not numpad) = Quick Move to/from Hotbar
F = Switch Items Between Off Hand and Main Hand [thanks 2_40]
Q = Drop Single Item
Q + Ctrl = Drop Entire Stack of Items
T = Open Chat
L for achievements
/ Open Command
Left Shift = Sneak (allows you to get close to the edge of blocks without falling
Tab = Shows Player List, auto completes commands, usernames etc [thanks 2_40]
Ctrl (or double-tap W) = Sprint
Middle-Click Mouse = Pick Block (will move block you click onto hotbar if it's in your inventory in survival)
Right-Click Mouse (on stack in inventory) = Grabs half of the stack
Hold Right-Click Mouse (in crafting grid/inventory) = Distributes only one of the item held in each slot you mouse over
Hold Left-Click Mouse (in crafting grid/inventory) = Evenly distributes the item held in each slot you mouse over
Left-Click Mouse + Shift (in crafting table) = Crafts as many of item as possible
Double Left-Click Mouse = Grabs all of one item (up to a full stack)
Double Left-Click Mouse + Shift (while hovering over item) = Moves all of the same item from inventory to chest or vise versa)


in this video I'm gonna be showcasing all the useful shortcuts for Java edition a lot of research and effort went into this video so if you enjoy it or you found something new consider liking subscribing and leaving a comment it all helps up a lot I'm gonna continue to update my description that will give you all of the relevant commands even if they're not shown in this video so to start us off let's get rid of the easy ones pressing f1 on your keyboard will hide your UI pressing f2 will take a screenshot and pressing f3 will show your coordinates not only does it show your current position it shows you a lot of details about your game shows your graphics card your current location how many entities are in the world and what block you're even looking at at this current moment there's also a hidden graph within this F free mode you can do f3 + Shift + it gives you a cool little graph that shows you more information if you want to switch game-mode you don't have to type the command anymore using f3 and f4 at the same time we'll problem this little menu and from there you can switch to any game mode I'm so grateful Mojang added this feature if your rendering has messed up and chunks are buggy you can print f3 and a at the same time and it will refresh all your chunks you can also use f3 and B to show hit boxes and you can also crush your game with f3 and see if you want to try out this manual crash you need to hold f3 + C for at least 10 seconds bird on second thought maybe I don't want to crash my game so now we have this spam in cha I want to get rid of it you can use f3 and D at the same time to clear it and as you can see my charts now clear so this one's a little wordy but to sew it up you can basically have multiple toolbars under different hotkeys and this is really good when you're in creative mode all you need to do is once you have your toolbar cell is you press C and whatever number from 1 to 9 to save it and then to go back to it you press X and that same number so in theory you can have nine different toolbar setups and just go back to with X 1 to 9 if you want to change your render distance you don't actually have to go to settings if you press F 3 and F at the same time it increases your distance and if you want to decrease it it's every shift and then F remembering these little shortcuts can save you a lot of time if you want to see where chunks end in star you don't have to guess if we use every and G at the same time it will show you where the chunks start hitting every and then H will give you more information about items in Yuma Tori when hovering over an item it will give you now more information if you want to go into grave or spectator mode you don't actually have to type game mode slash grave you cannot you just hit f3 + n and it will toggle hitting f3 and then all will give you this cool little FPS graph if you want to type out the game but you don't want the venue to pop up you can hit f3 + P and then hit alt tab and if you want to see all f3 combinations in game ping F free and Q is a great way to do that if you're using a resource pack and it bugged you can use f3 and T this will refresh all models sounds and anything change by a resource pack and then of course we have the classic f5 which will change your perspective f11 will put you in full screen and hitting numbers 1 to 9 will change your toolbar pressing F will switch out the item in your offhand hitting key will drop the item you're holding but if you want to drop the whole stack you can use control key you can press T to open chat and L to open achievements if you want to type a command shot you don't have to press T and then manually type in the slash itself you can just hit slash and then it will do it for you and then of course you can use tab to autocomplete when the game knows will command you're typing holding that shift will put you in sneak mode which means if you go up to a block you won't fall off in single-player you can use f3 escape to pause the game this one's for any map makers or developers out there hitting f3 and I will copy the entities metadata and then you can paste it anywhere and that's it those are the useful commands all working in 1.16 if you learned something new or you enjoyed the video consider subscribing and leaving a like and comment they helped out a lot as I am still new to YouTube as you can see on screen I have two other videos you can